Suspended ceilings

Our system of suspended ceiling is made up of Movitec grid and Movitem metal tiles.
Description of tiles for metal ceilings MOVITEM

  • Plain: Without perforation.
  • Perforates: with a uniform perforation of 2,5 mm de diameter and a U layout which covers 16% of surface.
  • Microperforates: with a uniform perforation of  1,5 mm de diameter and a M layout which covers 22% of surface.

Like in partitions, our suspended ceiling is made of galvanized steel. Tile thickness is 0,5 mm for standard size of 600 x 600 mm- and  0,6 mm for the others sizes 300 x 1.200 mm, 300 x 1.500 mm, 300 x variable length till 3.000 mm-, which make this system very reliable and secure.

Standart tiles are made with a squeeze system which ensures a perfect finishing on vertexes and edges and an accurate uniformity of all tiles.

Covering process is made after perforation and squeezing of tiles. It is made with polyester powder covering by electrostatic applying – with an average of 60 mm. thickness- and to a 200ºC polymerizing which makes that tiles keep in perfect condition as time goes on Our color range for metal ceiling are available in 31 colors (with no charge on Price).

In addition, our metal ceilings have a high acoustic insulation index –from 0,65 till 0,95 aw- for perforate and microperforate tiles. To reach this level they have an acoustic thermal bounding layer on inner face which gives best insulation result and prevent dust deposition.