System 1:10

It is an absolutely innovative system: floor, ceilings and partition go for customized interior design in a new office space concept. A system which ensures space fragmentation as desired and brings all kind of possibilities in finishing with no need of heavy work. This system allows choosing any material coating what make a huge advantage and a take a step forward compared to the existing systems.  Interior architecture can be created following needs and style requirement and propose a full integration according to the furniture project too.  This system is intended to open widely space options for architects.

System 1:10 offers multiple choices. In one hand, with a more classical approach: ceiling, raising floor and partitions in separated choices, and on the other hand, in a whole combination of three elements in all variants which is the most complete and ambitious approach. Floor tiles adopt standard size 50x50 presented as a raising floor which fit all space dimension, but can be made on measure too. Regarding material, there is no limit on surface choice: Wood, marble, Stone, textile flooring, etc. Ceilings have an internal structure which gives full freedom of choice for covering and any kind of lightings installations.

Finally, regarding partitions, surface and integrated elements have been developed. In both cases, double glass or blind partitions are possible. Blind partitions can be covered as in floor and ceiling with pieces of any size or material. The flexibility of this product make possible create space in which floor is a continuous whole  regarding to vertical plans, without any break on the joint of horizontal to vertical plans.

In any case, the Project is developed following the legal safety rules and any version ensure optimal acoustic insulation level.

On summary, it is a system with a perfect technical solution whose astonishing flexibility, only limited following a logic approach on material use, make complete revolution of it. It is a system which boosts creativity giving total freedom to architect imagination.