Wall covering

Covering of facings, pillars, columns, etc…

Our wall covering allows aesthetical integration with the whole setting for both its technical solutions and its finishing matched with partitions finishing. Wall covering is made up of a galvanized steel and cold profiling structure with basic modules of 120º mm. But can be adjusted to other sizes. Internal joint structured is made up of steel joint. Panel are 13mm thick resting on skirting board and get fixed to the structure with a steel cover plates making a minimum thickness of 33,5 mm.

Easy and fast assembling

Wall covering is easy and fast to assemble due to:

  • Minimum amount of elements.
  • No leveling needed.
  • Doors and Windows frames. 
  • Standard sizes manufacturing.

All this make assembly and disassembly activity an easy and fast task with accurate work.


We have a wide variety of finishing surface to suit any aesthetical requirements: vinyl, Wood, textile and stratified coating, etc.
Visible metal elements are coated with polyester powder coating or epoxy/polyester to offer a wide range of colors matching partition panels.

Classification of components in wall covering

  • Structure elements:Ç
    Sencizimir galvanized steel
    M-0 fireproof
  • Panels:
    Plaster board + P.VC.
    M-1 No fireproof
  • Internal insulation:
    M-0 Fireproof