Wall Storage

Our wall storage is a furnishing system made up by independent modules. This versatile system allows defining and planning to the smallest details. It can suit all customer requirements and maximize the available space, both in and out, of wall storage. It brings the best solutions for current work needs but foresee any future modification.

His design has been thought to get full technical and aesthetical coordination with both kind of walls, either visible or hidden profiling.


Vertical elements are equipped with levelers on the bottom which level surface of uneven floor with telescopic skirting board altogether. Double reinforced edge ensure perfect fitting of doors, rear panels or draws muffling shutting sound.

32 system allows a comfortable fitting of shelves, classification folders and butt hinges.
This product is available in different finishing as vinyl, wooden, etc. which guaranties a perfect aesthetical coordination with our finishing partitions.
Our wall storage can be installed in 3 different ways: with visible rear panel, as a partition with usage of both sides, with hidden rear panel fixed to the wall, without real panel and fixed to wall partitions. This way allows the most suitable choice according acoustic conditions for best privacy.
Modules come in 600 and 1.200 mm and standard height are 882 mm, 2.082 mm, 2700 y 3100 mm.
Structure elements are provided with a system which allows independent redistribution of modules without affecting the remaining set.
Telescopic feature of his structure, which make easy to take up uneven floors and/or ceilings, allows reuse whenever necessary.

In short, it’s a product with full potential to suit any need in any architectonic Project.